“I wanted to reach out to say Thankyou for your brilliant guidance and listening ears in the last couple of years. It’s been massively beneficial and I often reflect on many of the talks and thoughts we have shared during this time, I’ve learnt much and grown loads as an individual and a father as a result”      Mr P (marriage difficulties) March 2022

“I feel I am wrapped in a blanket of love. My self-worth has improved and I am able to be OK in the world living in the present without burden of the past or worry about the future. You have done so much for me. Thank you”              Mrs P (bereavement) January 2020

“I wanted to send you this photo of me at the airport. I flew yesterday! I had a day out in Amsterdam and took the flights completely in my stride. Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you so much for the work you did with me.  It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come over the last few months and I’m so grateful to you.”   Miss K (Phobia – fear of flying) November 2019

“I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you.  The time, support, understanding and non-judgement you have shown me over the last few weeks has been invaluable.  As well as your knowledge and expertise.  I’m fully aware you must deal with a lot in your day to day, and the fact that I feel listened to and encouraged to grow, speaks volumes about the energy, compassion and empathy you have.  Thank you.”   Mr S (OCD / severe anxiety) March 2019

“Cath helped me to open my eyes and open my mind.  I will always remember  how she helped me turn my life around!”                                                              Mr. I, counselling client with severe social anxiety

“Cath actually listened, understood and never sounded patronising. I cried mostly through relief that at long last this was something different. Cath’s sincerity is a given. I trust her – a major issue for me… she was holding out her hand and saying ‘I am here and I will help you’ – what I was hearing was ‘You are worth it’ ‘You are valued’. At the beginning of the programme I was asked to set at least one goal. I set two but achieved so much more. I have not had one single panic attack since starting (at its worse I was having three to four hours of rolling panic attacks). There are many mental health professionals – Counsellors, CBT therapists, Psychoanalysts, Psychologists etc – but there are a few exceptional mental health professionals such as Cath who go the extra mile.”                                                                         

Mrs A, counselling client with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“Dear Cath, I’ve felt moved to write this short letter to express my appreciation for the care and kindness you have shown. Knowing that you are there for me has allowed me to relax.” Mrs I, counselling client with severe anxiety

“Dear Cath, I would like to thank you for all your help, guidance and support.” Mrs L, bereavement client

“Cath demonstrates compassion, professionalism and a desire to make a difference to the lives of those she comes into contact with. I can testify to her honesty, commitment, compassion and humility. She is a rare individual, full of integrity, honesty and an amazing ability to deliver feedback in a simple and understandable way.  Self-aware, intelligent and determined ….she will enrich the lives of those she comes into contact with. Her sense of adventure, lateral thinking and fun approach allows her to solve problems at many different levels. She is a source of inspiration, knowledge and kindness; I am fortunate to have met such a wonderful human being.” Mr H, Company Director

“Cath’s client had been housebound for two years, suffering from upper limb pain and diminished range of movement that had subsequently led to fatigue, anger, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. With Cath’s care, help, wide-ranging techniques and empathic expertise, the same client completed Cath’s programme, identified skills she had to assist others with similar issues and took the first steps towards employment as a telephone support counsellor. A remarkable story” – Rehabilitation First Award Testimonial

“Dear Cath, Just wanted to say its been a pleasure working with you and thank you for everything you had done for me both on a personal and professional level. I am now managing a busy trauma and orthopaedic unit as an occupational therapist and can’t believe it. I will keep in touch” Mrs L, coaching client